Formal business offer sample


Marketing Manager


Supply Company Ltd.

Street name, No. 44

CITY 22030



February 18, 2017






In response to your Inquiry Catering Excellence Ltd. is pleased to provide you with the attached catering proposal for your Anniversary Celebration, scheduled to be held on Tuesday, March 2nd 2017, in Crown Plaza Hotel in New York. As we fully acknowledge the fact that is an important event for your company, we are committed to provide our utmost attention to the organization of this event.


As you may see we have impressive assortment of the finest foods and beverages. In addition to that we are proud of our experiences and professional staff and cooperation with Tiffany’s silverware Ltd. who provides tableware. As we are well established and experienced catering company, we can meet all your additional needs pertaining organization of this event in cooperation with our numerous partners.


We are open for cooperation with your event planner and event management staff to discuss all details concerning organization of your anniversary, offering best value for your money.


Herewith is attached our formal offer for the provision of catering services for the event described therein, along with T&C and pricelist for your review. Bearing in mind that some details regarding Anniversary celebration are to be set prior to the event, we may modify the offer to reflect your needs and demands.


If you have the question concerning this offer and our services, feel free to contact us directly via email: or on the phone number: 908-5985554


We highly appreciate the time you are about to invest in the review of our offer. We will be honored to have the opportunity to cooperate with you on the organization of this event, and to make it an extraordinary.


James Van

Project Manager


Private Company Ltd.



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