Formal complaint letter sample about Faulty Delivery

Name and Surname of the Sender
Company Name

Address of the Sender


Name and Surname proceed with the title
Company Address



Formal complaint against Faulty Delivery


Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms [Specify the last name if familiar]


On March 19  I purchased a box of  letterhead stationery for our central office in London, UK. We received your shipment within one week, but the letterhead carried another firm’s address.

I am returning the stationery under separate cover, with the needed modification noted. I will be grateful for your sending me the correct stationery ASAP. Furthermore, I trust you will credit my account with 32 GBP, the cost of returning the stationery.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.



Yours sincerely

[Signiture] and [Stamp of the company]

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