Formal request letter sample – No. 1

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Dear Sir, Madam,


During the last visit from our customer representative, we can hardly forget the phrase “There is no place called home without a vacuum cleaner”. So, we wanted to use that phrase in our new marketing campaign designed for the rural districts customers. In our belief we expect to increase the sale using you sample but meaningful sentence. So, we are wondering, could you give use permission to quote the phrase during our door to door selling ventures?


It will mean a lot for us, if you decide to help us. We have attached a permission form for your signature, along with this letter. If you have further questions regarding our request, please contact us on the following telephone XXXXXXXXX or e-mail us at XXXXXXXXX.


Thank you very much in advanced for your time and consideration.


Kind regards,

Natalia Jancykova

Vacuum cleaner vendor

Vacuum United, Ltd