Invitation letter sample for B-2 visa application

Your Name



United States of America

Consulate General
Address of the Consulate


Subject: Invitation letter for NAME SURNAME, PASSPORT NR: AO00000000



You’re Excellencies,

Mr. Consul General,


My name is Name Surname, with permanent residence on the following address: /ADDRES/.  I hold an USA citizenship, and I am full time employed with.


I am writing this letter to support visa application of my friend /NAME SURNAME/ for a B-2 tourist visa, so he can visit me and be my guest in USA. We know each other for 10 years and I would like to see him this summer.


NAME SURNAME will stay in my house on the above address form January 1st to February 15th 2013.  After that he will return to /COUNTRY/, where he has an permanent employment in the COMPANY, and family.


NAME SURNAME will submit this letter to you, along with other supporting documents to assure you that he will return prior to the expiration of his stay in the United States.


I would highly appreciate your consideration of his visa application.


Yours Truly,

Name Surname