Formal thank you letter format

Name and Surname of the Sender
Phone, email

Ms/Mr. Name and Surname of the Recipient
Title / position



Dear Ms./Mr. Surname,


With this letter I hereby wish to thank you for (STATE REASON, for example help, assistance, guidance) during (STATE OCCASION, for example my last visit, our meeting, etc.). It really helped me a lot in/for (Explain what for you find assistance useful, for example in job search, loan application, etc. )

I honestly believe that your advices and guidance has resulted with a positive outcome for me. Furthermore I would like to point out that your attitude was above your job mandate and I personally believe that your company appreciates your devotion and commitment to your work organization and clients

Thank you very much again and I wish you a lot of success In your career and life.


Kind regards,

Name and Surname of the Sender