Formal apology leave of absence letter template

In this post we have provided you a template of a Formal apology leave of absence letter from work. The letter is actually a formal request for a leave of absence from work/or from meeting, due to vice major circumstances/personal reasons.

Please bear in mind that every company has its own rules and policies regarding absence and leave allowance. However, most of the companies request from their employees to submit letter of leave of absence from work, in order to keep the written record that employee has requested the leave of absence from work.

Leave of absence letter to employer has to be send if you are requesting a leave from the employer if you had to take the day of uncertified sick leave, or you have requested special leave, like a day off to take the exam, resolve some family emergency, or similar.


Your name and surname






Name and Surname (receipant)

Professional title/position




Dear {Recipient},


With this letter I hereby wish to apologize for my absence during {Name of the event}. I am fully aware of the fact that you expected me to be there, since it was important that I attend, but I was simply not able to make it.


I hope this occurrence would not reflect on your overall opinion about me. In general, when I make an agreement, I am able to keep it, so I am both sorry and embarrassed that I was not able to keep my promise given to you.


Please call me as soon as you can. We can further discuss the matter, and I can begin to make amends for my lack of ability to follow through.