Formal invitation letter template for the Opening Ceremony

Name ad Surname of the sender

Street Name and Number

Postcode and City





Name and Surname

Street Name and Number

Postcode and City




Subject: Formal invitation for the Official opening ceremony of the ____ Representative office



Dear Mr. Surname of the recipient


On behalf of our Steering committee is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the Official Opening Ceremony of our representative office in (City, Country). Ceremony will take place in the ___________(Name of the venue and address), on (day of the week), (DD/MM/YYYY) starting from (time).


(Name of the organization) is operative since (date of establishment) and active in (XX) countries. Among major national stakeholders we are recognized as the leader in (specify field). We have been already active in (Country name), through implementation of the project “(name of the Project)”.


Official Opening Ceremony will be an opportunity to familiarize you with our operations and present our mission and work plan in the upcoming period. The representative office is being established because of the launch of the “Project name” and therefore we consider your presence as very important.


Please complete full details on the attached Rsvp and return to the address stated above by DD/MM/YYYY. Unfortunately we are not in position to accept replies received after this date. On behalf of the Steering Committee, I look forward to your attendance.


Name Surname


Head of Mission to the (Country)




Enclosures:     – RSVP

– Official Opening Ceremony program