How to write formal letter asking for information?

As many of our visitors asked us how to write formal letter requesting information, we have prepared universal template for this formal request letter. This template provides general framework, and you should adjust it to your needs.


Name ad Surname of the sender

Street Name and Number

Postcode and City



Name ad Surname of the recipient (if familiar, otherwise leave blank)

Street Name and Number

Postcode and City


RE: Request for information

Dear Sir, Madam,

My name is [Name Surname] and I am [occupation/member/other] in/to [please specify]. I am writing you because I need information about [please specify], because I [specify the purpose of information needed].

[In the paragraph that follows specify why recipient is relevant source of this information, and complement with any legal basis that may be source of responsibility in this regard]

Having in mind previous I wish to request [information/document] concerning [subject]. Please provide this information within [number of days] working days. If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact me on email: [enter address] or by phone [specify phone number].

Thank you for your time and consideration of my request.

Kind regards,

Name Surname



[contact details]