Apology letter sample for delay in payment

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RE: Rent for April 2015


Dear Mr [Last Name[


I am writing in regard to the delay in Rent payment for March 2015. We have struggled for days to meet our monthly expenses. However we were not able to execute payment to you until April 20, as we have agreed in Lease agreement No. _____.

Therefore, I sincerely aplogize for late payment and hope you will continue doing business with us during this difficult time.

We hope you will demonstrate understanding for our current situation, having in mind that all of our obligations toward you have been duly paid until this particular month. We are striving to cut costs, in order to adjust our expenses. In that line we can assure you that next rent will be paid on time, in accordance with the Lease Agreement.

We highly appreciate you as the landlord, and all of our employees really like the premises, as well as our customers.

Thank you for the understanding,



Name Surname.