Formal thank you letter sample for a recommendation

Sender Name and Surname

Address of the Sender

E-mail of the sender

[dd month, yyyy]


Recipient Name and Surname

Address of the Recipient

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RE: Recommendation for medical school


Dear Mr [Last Name[


With this letter I hereby wish to thank you for agreeing to write a letter of recommendation to accompany my application to medical school. To become MD has been always my desire, and in that line I have selected extracurricular activities consistent with my goal. Furthermore, I have always strived to obtain good grades, due to high competitiveness of admission to medical school. I have also decided to become volunteer in the local clinic two years ago, I am still helping staff working in the hospital in accordance with my possibilities and availability. I really like helping other people in need, and hope I will manage to become a doctor one day.

Thanks to your recommendation this goal seems more real now. I have passed admission tests, and on Wednesday this week I will have and interview with selection committee.  Procedure that follows Is quite long, and not before the end of summer I will know whether I have managed to enroll to medical school.  Surely, I will inform you on the outcome of selection process.

Hopefully your recommendation will facilitate positive outcome of my admission. Writing good recommendation letter takes a lot of time, and therefore I really appreciate the efforts zou invested in writing it. I will strive to justify your kindness.


Thank you,


[Name Surname]