Formal complaint letter about product template

Name and Surname of the Sender

Company Name

Address of the Sender



[Name and Surname proceed with the title]

[Company Address]


Subject: Complaint about product



Dear Sir/Madam:

On [DD/MM/YYYY} I have purchased a [name of the product] from you: Model [type in], price [type in], serial number [type in] colour: [colour as defined on the package].

I have bought above mentioned produc in you store located in [City], [Address], [State]. At the point of sale I was informed about warrenty, product specification and use from your kind colleague.

[describe the issue here you have with particular product, f.e. when I turned the fan on it started to smoke, when I turned computer on it started to produce extreme noise…. etc. You may also include something about your user experience, particular performances if they do not meet described or similar].

Having in mind that I am not able to use this product, uder its intended use, I am returning this product. I expect that you will replace the item or if ot possible credit my account in the amount of its price.

I look forward to your prompt response. You can contact me at my phone everyday, or write me an e-mail.


Yours truly,


Name Surname