Writing an effective complaint letters

You ordered goods that had faulty delivery, came damaged, in different color, size? Customer care agent has been rude during your last call to the Call Center? This is so annoying and definitely requires complaint.


Life is full of disappointments, and you are not always entitled to get what you want. However you are required to act like a normal adult, although the most appropriate would bie to cry at these occasions, or just yell on clerk in the Customer care center. Instead of crawling on the floor you should sit down, reconcile and send Formal complaint letter!


After reconciliation it may be harder than it sound to write effective complaint letter. Your letter should address an issue you endeavor during delivery of service/goods, demonstrate your disappointment and suggest concrete path toward solution of the issue, without using offensive vocabulary, even though you may be greatly frustrated.


With this article we have intended to facilitare writing process and help you and provide an example complaint letter for your reference.




Make a list of facts concerning issue / experience


Make the list of the facts under bullets. These facts should include the date, time, and location of the incident, and the names of the personnel involved.


Afterwards briefly write down what went wrong and what impact it has had on you, like for example financial, emotional, etc.


Adhere to the following three-step sequence:


Follow proposed layout in order to write an effective formal complaint letter. This will ensure that your efforts are fruitful and not wasted.


Step 1: Briefly present facts concerning causes for your complaint? What are the main reasons to file a complaint.


Step 2: Outline why you are so upset.


Step 3: How to resolve your complaint. What can act as remedy for you and others involved? What can solve your issue?

In some instances, it may be appropriate to set out your thoughts on a remedy/fix that would be amenable to you and/or others; in other instances, it is best to leave the solution in the hands of the perpetrator .Is there solution in your mind?


Keep your complaint professional

Complaint letter is formal letter and therefore it should follow outline and salutation of formal letter.

We recommend to use block style, with recommended addressing and salutation on closing.