Formal sponsorhip proposal letter



Contact Person

Professional title

Company Name





Subject: Sponsorship proposal



Dear [Last name of the contact person]:




I am contacting you on the recommendation of my colleague (Contact Name) concerning a unique sponsorship opportunity for (Company).


On January 30, 2015, Relief International of [City name] is about to host a cocktail party and drawing featuring crafts made by the most prominent crafts maker in the region. This event, titled [enter event title], will attract over 250 business and professional women from the region. The main idea of the event is to empower local crafts maker, and connect them with the market.


Last year, [Event title] drew 157 attendees and the participation of 21 crafts makers from the region and world. It was cosponsored by the Regional Chamber of Commerce and marketed as a networking event for business and professional women in the region. The event drew an wealthy audience from the region, resulting in the high number of purchases. Some 25% of the visitors purchased products from the event and an additional 10 percent supporter Relief International’s mission, by making their donations for this noble cause.


We invite (Company) to be the exclusive partner of the event [Event name]. In addition to being listed on all advertising and press as a sponsor of the event, (Company) will have the opportunity to host a booth at the event, where you can display products, promo material, or use it as a networking platform with other partners or attendees.


We hope to have the opportunity to share our full presentation of sponsorship benefits with you in the near future, since we firmly believe [company name] is likely to benefit from this sponsorship.


On the next Monday [mm/dd/yyyy] I am about to contact you in order to schedule n appointment. In a case you need some further questions, or you would like to see materials from the previous events, please do not hesitate to contact, since I will be happy to share them with you.


I look forward speaking to you soon!





Name Surname

Event coordinator.



In enclosure : [List all the attachments]