Formal business letter sample for the Contract ammandment meeting

In this article we will provide you a Formal business letter sample to advertising agency, with intention to review the existing contract, company has signed with a firm. Feel free to use it and adjust it in accordance with your needs



Senders Company contact details


Recipients Company contact details


RE: Contract for provision of Advertising services No. _____ from MM/DD/YYYY


Dear Ms. / Mr. [Last name]



I am writing you in regard to the Contract for Provision of Advertising Services, our Company has signed with [Company name] on MM/DD/YYYY. Thanks to the fruitful and hopefully mutually beneficial cooperation we have experienced significant growth thanks to the services you company has provided in the previous period. Using several advertising channels and Medias for the promotion of goods and services we have managed to establish well on the market, being recognized as one of the regional leaders in the industry.


Recent growth of our company, has incented our management to rethink current development strategies. In line with this new strategy, in the period that follows we are about to invest more of generated profit into Research and Development of our services. Due to increased R&D budget, we will have to downsize our advertising budget, which would heavily affect our advertising on the radio. In the same time we plan to invest more in the Internet advertising, and improve out presence on social Medias.
In line with above stated our marketing manager Mr. [Name Surname] plans to visit you in the following week, in order to discuss our future cooperation. He has proposed to hold a meeting on the following Tuesday morning at 10 AM, preferably in your premises, since we need to have insight in the effectiveness of certain advertising channels in the previous period and this would require out access to the all relevant documents. We would highly welcome if you can confirm proposed date and time by tomorrow afternoon due to busy period our Marketing Department has at the moment.


[ Name Surname]