Formal letter template for requesting to respond to the Questionnaire


Sender’s Contact Details


Recipient Contact Details


RE: Questionnaire for [Subject, Research project Name, ID number or other detail being suitable to describe the Questionnaire purpose]

Dear Sir/Madam,


My name is [NAME SURNAME] and I am [student/researcher] at the [Name of the Institution]. I am in charge of the [student / professional] project, called [Name of the project] with main goal/objective to [clarify further main objectives / goals of the research]

For benefit of the baseline data collect, I am conducting a survey concerning [target group and research objective]. Therefore, being [role of the participant] I would like to ask you to dedicate only few minutes of the time and fill out Questionnaire I have enclosed in attachment. Since you are [role of the particiant] I find your responses hold great significance to the research, and therefore your participation is crucial for quality baseline data.

Questionnaire is enclosed to this letter, and it is intended to fill out the Questionnaire by hand and return it in the enclosed envelope. Please note that it is not required to include your personal details in the form. If you find some difficulties in answering some questions, please feel to contact me for clarification, on e-mail or phone number given in the top of this page.

Thank you for your participation and contribution to the research.




[Name Surname]



Enclosures: -Questionnaire