Formal thank you letter for an advice

How to write formal letter to thank someone who has contacted you to ask for your advice? Herewe have provided you a sample of the formal thank you letter, to express gratitute to the person who contacted you to seek an advice.



Sender Name and Surname

Address of the Sender

E-mail of the sender



Recipient Name and Surname

Address of the Recipient

City, State


RE: Advice


Dear Ms. / Mr. [Last Name]

I am flattered that you have contacted me for advice regarding your career prospects. It is quite evident from what you wrote that you have given much thought utilizing your potentials and I encourage you to continue weighing pros and cons. This is the only way to make a right decision regarding your future career and life in general.


I have noted that you plan to run IT Software Development Company. My question is how you plan to attain this goal? Are you focused on gaining skills in management, finance and administration, or you work on building up your IT skills?


From what you wrote, it seems to me that you work on both tracks, i.e. giving equal important both to managerial and technical skills. Since you are still young, maybe you should concentrate in the moment on the area that is more interesting to you at this time. In this way, you can make a decision easier, and determine your future career path. Please let me know how it works!




[Name Surname]