Formal recommendation letter for University admission sample




To Whom It May Concern




Re: Letter of Recommendation for Mr./Ms. [Name Surname]


As a Professor of Faculty of [Field], University of [City], I have had the pleasure of teaching Mr./Ms. [Name Surname] at the course „Name of the couuse“. By this letter I would like to stress his academic and personal qualities.

[Name of the course] is an obligatory course for the students on the [NR] year of their studies. The course should provide student with knowledge of basic [Specify]. [Name Surname] was a student at my [Name of the course] course in summer semester of the YYYY academic year. He attended my classes and successfully did all the tasks required by the course curriculum. He has shown tremendous understanding of the mentioned subject, as well as excellent performance of the knowledge and confidence at the exam. He got the mark A for showing sigificant level of knowledge on the field (maximum is A). During his studies Mr. / Ms. Surname successfuly interacted at the classes and he was very active in the scientific debates.

Mr. / Ms. [Surname] is communicative and energetic young person, who is eager to learn, improve his professional skills and to exchange ides with other people. Taking all the facts into consideration, I strongly believe that Mr. / Ms. [Surname] would be excellent candidate who can meet all the necessary requirements for enrollment at some University recognized at the global level.


If You have any further  questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Best regards,


Name Surname