Sample of recommendation letter for Erasmus


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To whom it may concern



I am writing this recommendation at the request of Milica Jovanovic who is applying for an Erasmus Mundus Category A scholarship at the EMMIR programme, organized by several European Universities.

I have known Ms. Milica Jovanovic professionally, in my capacity as a Project Management Coordinator at the Project “Witnesses of time”, realized by our Fund in 2011/2012. I met Ms. Milica Jovanovic last year, when she came to talk to me about her involvement in the Fund’s work, especially in projects related to the Human Rights. Viewing her educational background, reference from her previous mentors and her relevant broad experience for one young person. I have decided to give her some project management material to prepare herself for the challenging position waiting for her. As she has accomplished this task very effectively and successfully, showing full understanding of material and movements in contemporary issues in the relevant fields of disciplines like Human Rights, struggle for improving LGBT Rights and social inclusion of refugees, I have endorsed to engage her to start to work with me on the above mentioned project. As she has proven capability for undertaking this challenge, but also shown as extra interest for current matters in the field of social inclusion, I have decided to meet Ms. Jovanovic’s request to assist me in research and editing publications in this field as well. While she was Coordinator at our Fund she was also engaged on collecting and achieving materials related to History of Human Rights, social inclusion of people from “post-war” regions and immigration. I can testify that with accomplishing this assignment, she has actually contributed a lot of the development of the literature fund in our region of Western Balkans, as the literature regarding specific issues as those is still very limited.

During the time Ms. Milica Jovanovic has spent in our Organization, she demonstrated a good work ethic, interpersonal skills and excellent responsibility. She completed all the responsibilities successfully and in the time required. She put extra hours as necessary in order to meet specific deadlines set. She teamed up with the colleagues, beyond her tasks delegated.

Bearing in mind all previously mentioned, I would strongly recommend Ms. Milica Jovanovic for a scholarship that will enable her to continue education in the EU. If his performance in my tasks that I have given to her is any indication of how he would perform at your study programme, Ms. Jovanovic will be a positive addition to your programme.


Sincerely yours,

Aleksandra Aleksandrovic

General Manager of the NGO Fund