Formal introduction letter sample

An introduction letter is written by the management of the company with a goal of introducing a new staff / team member. New staff member could be someone outside the company, who has been recently hired for some position, or someone within the firm who has changed his position (promoted). The letter is intended to present this person to the rest of the team / company, but in some instances to demonstrate authority of the newcomer, if the new colleagues is a part of the company’s management.


Below we will provide you a sample of Formal introduction letter, which you are free to modify in accordance with your needs.




From:                                                                                    [Not for Official Use]

[Name Surname]



[Company name and address]



[Month, Day, Year]



All staff

Name of the Institution

Full Address


Dear Staff

RE: Introducing new Chief Financial Officer


I am pleased to introduce Ms.  [Name Surname] who is joining [Company Name] as of [Month, Day, Year].


Ms. [Last Name] comes with 15 years of experience in managing finances, having served many distinguished companies before, including [Company name] where she was Financial Manager for 5 years. She is well versed with financial management, and well acquainted with risk management. Furthermore, she is highly skilled in drafting financial and funding strategies and in managing processing system for financial tracking. She shall be taking up the post of Chief Financial Officer with effect from [Month, Day, and Year].


Ms. [Last Name] will be in charge of all matters pertaining to financial management, including: planning, funding, operations, and risk management. Kindly consult her and her department for any advice.


Kindly extend your full cooperation to her so that Ms. [Last Name] may function effectively in his post. Her business email is active since [Date] and you are free to write her on [email address]/


Thank you.


Yours truly,


[Personal Signature]

[Name Surname]