Formal Appointment letter sample

A Formal Appointment letter is an official letter written by the superior of HR officer to an individual who has been selected for the position, he/she has applied for. The Formal Appointment Letter is sent after a series of hiring procedures and tests have been completed by the organization for the benefit of finding the most suitable candidate for the advertised / vacant position in the company.


With the Formal Appointment Letter employer gives the designation for which the individual is being hired, usully through enclosing Terms and Conditions under which the hiring has been done. Furthermore, the Formal Appointment lett cleare states the Entry on Duty date, from which the ApLetter is effective. Apart from EOD letter also specifies conditions under which empoyment will take place, such as leave, salary, formal requirements to be completed pertaining employment, benefits, entitlements, etc.


The Formal Employment letter is signed by the highest authority in the organization responsible for hiring new employees, such as a Head of HR, or managing director

Below we will provide you a sample of a Formal Appointment Letter:



Letter of Appointment


Ms/Mr. Name Surname





Subject: Vacancy No. ______



Dear Ms/Mr _______________


In regard to your application for the position of _____________, we are pleased to inform you that our organization has selected you for this post.


You are requested to report at our office as per address given below at 9:00 AM on ___________ in approval to your appointment.


Company Name         ________________

Address                        _______________

Department                 _______________

Office Nr                    ________________


This is to inform you that this letter will be null and void in case you do not report at the date and time specified in this letter.


Following the HR policies that regulate appontment of new personnel, you will be initially contracted for a period of _____ months. and then, based on satisfactory performance and review your contract may be renewed for a period of __(months, year). Please note that first three moths of your employment will be considered as a probation period, and that during this period your contract may be terminated by the employer at anytime, with leave notice of 2 weeks.


During your Contract period you are entitled to take annual leave of ___ days, per month of completed service, and ___ days of the paid sick leave per month of completed service. Please have a look at enclosed Leave policy for more details.


We hope to have a long successful professional relationship with you and wish you all the very best.

Yours sincerely



(Title Name)

cc: Human Resource Department