Formal Letter template for Accepting a Resignation


Employee Name




RE: Resignation of  Ms./Mr. [Name Surname] Index No.


Dear Ms. / Mr. [Last name]


This is to acknowledge the  receipt of your Letter of resignation which you sent on [DD Month, YYYY]. In line with the terms and conditions stupulated under contract No. [NNNNNNNN],  you signed with  [Company name] your last working day will be [DD Month, YYYY]. We are quite confindent that you will perserve your work performance to your best abilities for the remaining period as you have always done.


Please note, that it has been a true pleasure working with you. Therefore, we would be very honored to provide you references if you need them. [Company name] would like to thank you for your service and wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors both professional and personal.


Kind regards,

Name Surname


HR Department

[Company Name]