Baby Shower Invitation Letter samples

Choice on the baby shower wording is extremely important since it is a simple card with less than a 50 words that will stay in your baby’s life forever. It will be assembled in all of your photo albums and toddler’s memories for life. Also, please use a suitable pen and do not make any mistakes, as the card should be handwritten.

Starting the letter should be well planned if the writer wants to be easily done. That is why this post is written for, to help you with proper writing, including some samples.

The letter should contain the name of the soon-to-be mother, place and exact time of the baby shower (you could include some directions if the location is far away), phone number and option for the guests to respond you to confirm their coming.


Baby Shower Invitation sample 1


Dear (guest name),


Please come to a baby shower praising (soon-to-be mother’s name) and our new baby (baby’s name if it is known), in our home at (street and the number) on (date of the baby shower). Please do not hesitate to contact my husband at (telephone/mobile number).


Please if you do not mind, confirm your presence at my mobile number or via mail since Sunday, so I could organize you arrival.

Baby Shower Invitation sample 2


Please join me at my baby shower that will take place at the (name of the restaurant or location of the baby shower and address) at (time of the baby shower) to celebrate my miracle, my happiness and joy to come. Please choose your present from the list that I am sending you along with this letter. Please confirm your presence as soon as possible.