Formal Business Offer Acceptance Letter Sample

Ms Diane HODGE

Marketing Manager


Supply Company Ltd.

Street name, No. 44

CITY 22030



February 18, 2017


Sublect: ACCEPTANCE OF THE OFFER No. 1233/o/2017


Dear Ms. HODGE,


On behalf of Private Company Ltd. I am please to declare the acceptance of offer posted by Supply Company Ltd, registred with Private Company Ltd. Under No. 1233/o/2017, in line with the Call published in Financial Times on January 23, 2017.  After careful consideration of your offer, Procurement unit of Private Company Ltd. has decided to accept your offer regarding implementation of the Project “[PROJECT NAME]“. Therefore, please find enclosed detailed Terms of Reference, and draft version of the Cooperation Agreement.


We are looking forward to the meeting with your team that will work on this project, where we can clarify and discuss numerous details pertaining conclusion of cooperation agreement. As the deadlines are approaching soon we would appreciate if you could meet us during next week. In the meantime our Procurement unit will obtain clearance of the budget and Terms and Conditions. Following their further input we will update cooperation agreement. We would appreciate if you would in the meantime share draft of the Cooperation agreement with your legal department, because we would like to start with the implementation on your earliest possible convenience.


In a case of any qury you may contact us on (0988) 555-3423, or on email:


Looking forward for a fruitful business cooperation with you.


Kind regards,


James Van

Project Manager


Private Company Ltd.