Letter of support sample for Visa Application

Dublin, Ireland, 5 May 2017




To whom it may concern,


Hereby we would like to express our support to the UK visa application of Pera Perovic (place and date of birth: 15 July 1987, Belgrade, Serbia; citizenship: Serbian; address: 98, Ustanicka street, Belgrade 11000, Serbia; passport number: A7777777).

Hereby we declare that Pera Perovic is being employed by REYNOLDS Air Ireland Ltd. Dublin, Branch office Surcin – Member of REYNOLDS Air Group, (seat of company: Nikola Tesla Airport, 11000 Surcin, Serbia; trade register number: 8888777888) from 28 November 2011, in the position of Senior Cabin Attendant.

Pera Perovic’s employer, REYNOLDS Air Ireland Ltd is a Member of REYNOLDS Air Group. The Group has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, and organizes most of its training programs fr its employees there, or in other EU member states. During the course of his employment it is a must for Pera Perovic to take recurrent trainings for his qualifications to be kept continuously valid as well as to attend occasional business meetings and/or company events organized by the company at its headquarters or other EU member states, including London Luton, the UK. As per company policy travel to company trainings and events is organized by utilizing flights operated by REYNOLDS Air. This means that in the majority of the cases employees must enter the UK or change flights in London Luton, because there are no direct flights operated by REYNOLDS Air between their home base and the location visited, for them to be able to attend the above events. In such cases employees are travelling as regular passengers and travelling as regular passangers and not as member of air crew so we assume they would not be allowed to enter the UK under Section 8(1) of the Immigration Act 1971, without the valid visa. On the basis of the above we kindly request you to grant Pera Perovic with a multiple entry visa for business purposes for a period of 2 years to the UK.

Furthermore, we kindly request for the visa of Pera Perovic to be issued and inserted in his passport in two business days. As an active member of our Crew, Pera Perovic must keep his passport with him at all times when on duty otherwise he is unable to complete his duties. Our company operates a so-called “low cost-low fare” model, meaning that the costs of our operations, including the members of our personnel, is kept at the lowest possible level for us to be able to ensure the most favorable fares to our passengers, so the operations of our company cannot be afford sparing Pera Perovic for a period longer than this.

This visa application support letter has been issued upon request of Pera Perovic for the purpose of obtaining multiple entry UK visa for business purposes, for the period of two years.


Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Adams