Letter to Reschedule Doctor’s Appointment

Doctor’s appointments are stressful situations for all of us, especially that they are made is special circumstances, in need and it could be very expensive if they were not done properly. As the appointment arrangement takes time, also rescheduling it could be time consuming, or in some cases costly for the client. Maybe, in some cases, doctors could provide a house visits but that is more irregularity than normal practice. So, if you could not visit your doctor please have in mind that you need to reschedule or cancel the appointment at least 24 h before. Typical letter for rescheduling is very formal in it means, as the patient doctor relationship is strictly professional. All the necessary details should be included in the letter, as the time and date of the next appointment proposed, but a polite apology as well. At the end doctors are the ones who cure us, so we need to be kind and attentive as much as we can.

In the following line Reschedule Doctor’s Appointment Letter sample is presented:

To: Doctor’s name (with title)

Address: Number, City, Code, State

Telephone or E-mail of the Doctor


Dear Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms, [Doctor’s Name]


I am sorry for disturbing you, I am writing to you in order to reschedule my appointment scheduled for August, 30th at 10:00 am related to the problems I had with my kidneys. Unfortunately, I have difficulties standing up while my healthy condition worsened, so I would like to reschedule my appointment for September, 1st at 11:00 if it is convenient for you?


I deeply apologize for this inconvenience, I hope that you have understanding for my situation. Hopefully everything will be fine with my examination.


Yours Sincerely,

[Patient’s name and Signature]