Visitor visa invitation letter sample

When you apply for a visa to visit United Kingdom or United States, authorities in Embassy will require you to submit Visitor Visa Invitation Letter from someone in that country. Please bear in mind that possession of a letter of  a visitor visa invitation letter does not guarantee that authorities will issue a visa, because visa invitation letter is only one of supporting documents for visa application among others. In Visa invitation letter your host is providing written declaration that he/she will sponsor your stay in the country so Visa officer can be assured that you will not cause any financial burden to the host country.

In the text below you may find a sample of Invitation letter for a Visitor Visa to United Kingdom, to support your visa application.  Please note that text in BOLD letters is to be modified according to your needs, because this letter is intended for a friend of UK student.

Invitation letter for visitor visa application

Mary McSheer


Greenwich road No 1

Phone: 0012 002486

11 June, 2017



To Whom it may Concern


Regarding: MARINA IONIFIDIS, 22/01/1983, GEORGIA



I am writing to confirm that MARINA IONIFIDIS is my friend and I would like to invite her to visit me in Rochester from 1st to 30th SEPTEMBER, 2017.


The purpose of their visit is for a short holiday.


I am currently studying at the University of Rochester and I enclose a letter confirming my registration. I am due to complete my programme of study in OCTOBER/2020 and will then graduate on 01/12/20.


I confirm that I am funded by my parents and I receive GBP 16,000 each year. I have enclosed evidence of this. I will be supporting MARINA IONIFIDIS during her stay in the UK.


I confirm that MARINA IONIFIDIS will be staying with me at my house during her stay. I have enclosed evidence of my accommodation and my address is: Greenwich road No 1, Rochester, UK.


I enclose the following evidence


1 A copy of my passport and Biometric Residence Permit showing my present visa conditions

2 A University registration letter

3 My financial evidence

4 Evidence of my accommodation


Please contact me if you need further information.


Yours faithfully


[Your signature]


Mary McSheer