Appeal against dismissal letter template

An appeal against dismissal letter template should be used when you want to make a formal appeal against your employer, due to unjustified dismissal. In order to submit and draft  appeal against dismissal letter first you should set out the grounds of your appeal including evidences  which will prove that you are right, and that dismissal decision is not justified.

The Template of Appeal against dismissal letter we are providing in this article can be used if the company has dismissed you because you haven’t showed up on your work, while not notifying your immediate supervisor. Most of the companies have internal regulations regarding dismissal of employees, and not showing to work may often result in dismissal according to these policies.  If you are sure that you haven’t violated this policy you should probably send  appeal letter for unfair dismissal.

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Subject: Appeal against dismissal letter # [Enter number of dismissal letter]

Dear Ms. / Mr. [Surname]

I have received a dismissal notice from the [Company name] and hence I am writing this dismissal appeal letter to you, because I believe that company’s decision has not been right.

On the date of [DD, Month, YYYY] I was absent from the work due to family reasons and I had taken a leave on the subsequent days that is [DD and DD, Month, YYYY]. On [DD, Month, YYYY] in the morning my child who is still toddler got sick. He/She had [describe condition of the child, or indicate a name of diagnosis] and we had to rush to the hospital immediately where he/she got admitted. As this was an emergency issue I had no chance to inform my direct supervisor on absence reasons.

To support my claims I am submitting medical reports and bills in the enclosure of this Appeal which could tell you how serious issue it has been. Please note that I am on your disposal to submit additional documents on request, if you find it necessary in ruling my appeal against dismissal.

Having in mind above stated it’s my humble request to you that please cancel my dismissal and allow me to return to office to my regular duties on your earliest possible convenience.

Yours truly,


 [Name Surname in print letters]


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