Schengen visa refusal appeal letter

If your Schengen Visa application has been declined, and you have the reason to believe that such decision has not been justified, than you should draft and submit Schengen visa refusal appeal letter.


Schengen visa refusal appeal letter is written in a form of a simple letter, in which you should state why you think that Embassy has made a wrong decision to issue refusal letter to your application. Most of the Embassies of Schengen states (as of today) do not have a standard for of Schengen visa appeal letter, so you can use a free form. Please bear in mind that you should provide proper evidences to support your claims and they should be attached in the enclosure of the Schengen visa refusal appeal letter.


In the text below we have prepared a template of Schengen visa refusal appeal letter. The file should be populated with the details that correspond to your case. On the bottom of the article you can find Schengen visa appeal letter template in MS Word.


Applicant:[Name Surname][Street number]

[City, State, code]



[Name of the Diplomatic Mission][Consular Office][Address]




Subject: Appeal letter against Schengen visa refusal

Visa application (case) number:                    [ENTER NUMBER]

Date of visa application submission:             [Date DD/MONTH/YYYY]

Date of visa denial:                            [Date DD/MONTH/YYYY]




Dear Sir/Madam:



With this letter I would hereby like to appeal against the refusal decision made regarding my Schengen visa application for [Name of the Country]. I have submitted my application to the [Name of the Embassy] on [Date DD/MONTH/YYYY], enclosing all required documents, as per copies of application documents in enclosure of this appeal.


Schengen visa refusal letter was sent by Consular Department of your Embassy stating that [state the exact reason of refusal, such as lack of sufficient funds deposited on my bank account] are the main reason for denial of my visa application. However, I have to make an appeal against this justification provided by the appreciated Consular department, since [State your justification, such as “the Bank has withdrawn funds from my account by technical mistake, after I have submitted my Schengen visa application”]. I would also like to notify you that the situation has been corrected, as you may see in the attachment of this appeal letter. Having in mind above stated I would like to kindly ask you to reconsider my application and to void your visa denial.


As I should leave on [Date DD/MONTH/YYYY] I would also like to kindly ask you to reconsider your decision on the earlies possible convenience because I have to organize my plans. Nonetheless if your decision remains the same I would need your response soon, because I am about to face high penalty charges for cancellation of my flights and accommodation arrangements.


In a case additional documents are to be submitted, or you would like to speak with me regarding this appeal, do not hesitate to contact me on the phone [Enter number] or by email [state email]. I am looking forward to your response.


Kind regards,







Enclosures: – as stated in the text


Download Schengen visa refusal appeal letter template in MS WORD