Letter of request format for Loan

Letter of request for loan or loan request letter is formal letter written by a client to his bank in which he/she conveys requesting for loan. Since there are different types of loans bank offers, client has to specify in the letter for which loan request is made for. In the letter of request format for loan application you may find below we have made a layout of the request letter you can submit to your bank for loan related inquiries.

When writing this request letter to a bank you have to bear in mind to include following details:

1) Relationship you have with the bank, including type of the account;

2) Rationale for the loan request

3) Amount needed, preferably with the draft budget if applicable, such as for the mortgage loan

4) Prove that you are capable to repay the loan.

Below this letter you may download the Letter of request format for Loan application in MS Word, ready to use for you needs.  Good Luck with your loan application!

[Name Surname]


[Client number:]





[Loan officer Name Surname]

[Bank name]

[Name of the branch]



Subject:  Request for [Type of the loan] Loan


Dear Ms. / Mr. [SURNAME],


I am client of the [Name of the Bank] for [XX] years and I have a [Type of account] account since [Specify the date]. As you can see in my records I have always maintained high deposits with your bank, and positive balance. As you may note in my file I am employed with my current employer for the last [XX] years and I receive regular salary which is paid to the account I have opened with your bank.


Since I finally want to get my own house, I am now considering options for the funding I need to implement this project. As you know I already have some savings on the account Nr. [specify the account number] in the amount of USD [Specify the amount], however having in mind the value of this project I have to consider applying for loan as well.


According to the estimation made by the contractor I should invest USD [Enter the total amount]. Part of it I plan to finance from my savings, from the account I have in your bank in the amount of USD [Specify the amount] and remaining amount I plan to invest from the loan.


Having in mind everything above stated and the amount needed could you kindly advise if your Bank can offer me this loan and what are the repayment conditions.  In the enclosure you can find a draft budget and the project of the house. If you need additional information or document do not hesitate to ask.







Download Letter of Request format for Loan in MS Word