Motivation letter to employees sample

Dear All,

I am really happy to share with you information that New York sales team have over achieved the gross margin revenue targets for 2017. As decided in the starting of this year each of the regional teams in the West US have been given some numbers to achieve.

I must say that is a result of mentorship which inside sales team provided to our regional account managers. Thanks to this mentorship they won big deals with high gross margin number.

As promised before all of the wining team members will be awarded for the achievements. 35 members of the New York sales team has voted to go to retreat in Italy, and company management has agreed to finance 7 day trip to Italy. Moreover due to exceptional results, all team members will be entitled to receive seven per diems during this Italian adventure.

Our General Manager, Mr Hodgings has supported this initiative, because he believes this will motivate other teams to perform well in the upcoming period and potentially receive comparable awards.

I hereby inform you all that Italian trip will take place on September 5th, while team members are expected to come back to work on September 14th.  During their absence Boston team will cover necessary task and handle urgent matters.

I am taking this opportunity to congratulate Now York sales time for their achievements but also to acknowledge the success of Boston Team, San Diego Team and Miami Team who performed exceptionally in 2017 and exceeded envisaged targets. Mr Hodgings also acknowledges their achievement and therefore he has decided to give 2 days of paid leave to the members of the above mentioned teams.

Kind regards,

John Smith