Thank you letter after interview template

Good business practice suggest that after an interview with potential employer, candidate should send after interview thank you letter. In this letter a candidate is supposed to express his gratitude to the employer for consideration of his application and to conduct the interview. After interview thank you letter could be send either as a thank you email note, or as a formal letter. The structure should follow the usual formal business letter, with a trivial personal note at the end. After interview thank you letter should follow the interview, and preferably is to be send by the end of the day when interview is held, which will help the employer to remember you better, and potentially increase you employability for the post for which you have been considered.

In the text below you can see a TEMPLATE of formal after interview thank you letter, which you can use and adjust according to your needs.




Subject: Interview for the position [Specify position name]

Dear Ms. / Mr. [LAST NAME],

I would like to thank you for the job interview that we had [Today, or Specify the date], for the position of [Name of the position] in your company. I really liked our conversation, and I find it very useful for my future work in your company. Your presentation of the company and position had given me quite precise description of the tasks and duties that are required for this post, which perfectly matches my interests. Having in mind my qualifications and skills, I am confident that this position is good for me and I feel eager to start working for you as soon as possible.

Let me stress once again that I possess strong administrative skills which I intend to bring to your Company. I believe that I can [Specify your potential contribution to the company] by utilizing my professional expertise and experience I have gained on the previous posts. My team work skills will enable me to pass that knowledge to the rest of the team and I am certain that it will contribute a lot to the company’s culture and vision.

Again, thank you very much for your time and consideration; I am looking forward from hearing from you soon.


King Regards,