Formal Apology letter for wrong doing sample

In this article we bring you a sample of Formal Apology Letter for wrong doing, which an employee is writing to a company. Employee is drafting this letter because he engaged is serious wrong doing, since he has been stilling from a Company’s petty cash box. Since this event would mostly likely lead to reprimand or termination of employment, Offender should send an Apology letter in order to reduce the potential consequences.


Your name and surname






Name and Surname (receipant)

Professional title/position




Subject:  Apology letter for wrong doing


Dear {Recipient},


With this letter I hereby wish to apologize for unlawful taking of petty cash money from the company. Please note that I am fully aware of the damage I have caused to the company, which has brought you in very uncomfortable situation for which I am very sorry.


It was an inexcusable lapse in judgment and moral behavior on my part. While it was an embarrassing experience, it is an experience I intend to learn and grow from.


I understand that stealing is wrong and what happened on last week has taught me that the consequences are not worth the unlawful gain.


I hope this occurrence would not reflect on your overall opinion about me. In general, I perceive myself as liable associate and thrustworthy person, so I am both sorry and embarrassed vecause of what I did. I am fully aware that there are no excuses and justification for such behavior and serios wrong doing.


Again, I am very sorry for my misbehavior and if you have anything further to discuss on the matter, please feel free to contact me at.