Formal Wedding Invitation Letter Template

Formal wedding invitation letter is being sent when you want to invite a person to attend the event of celebrating marriage. Weddings are great opportunities for gathering of family, friend and your loved ones to celebrate a important day for the couple.
In this article we bring you a template of very formal wedding invitation letter, sent to a business partner. The letter is intended to convey most important thing about the wedding itself, such as date, venue, etc. but the style is more personal than the usual business invitation letter.

Wedding Invitation Letter Template

[Name ad Surname of the sender]
Street Name and Number]
[Postcode and City]


[Name and Surname]
[Street Name and Number]
[Postcode and City]

Subject: Wedding invitation letter

Dear [Last Name],

I am writing this letter to invite you for the wedding ceremony of my son and his fiancé that will take place on [DD, Month, YYYY] (date of the wedding). We request you to grace the function along with your family at [Name of the venue], located in [Full address of the venue place].

As we have been close business partners and friends for a very long time I would be honored if you could attend the event along with your loved ones. For further details about the wedding you can always contact me through email of call. Lastly, once again I am inviting you for this great occasion and would like you to bless the couple.

Yours Truly,

[Name of the sender]