Modified Block Letter Format

Modified block letter format is different from the block format because the start of the letter is on the horizontal center point,  aligned to the right.  Paragraphs of the modified block letter format are usually not indented and they are aligned to the left margin of the page.

Like a block formal letter, this one is also aligned to the left, while only thing aligned to the right margin are the address of the sender, date, and signature. In order to achieve good visual effect letter should not exceed 3 paragraphs. If the text is to short, try to use wider margins, in order to have more centered content.

To make your modified block letter format perfect we suggest the following:

  • set top and bottom margin to 1″ or 1,5″ if you have less text;
  • set left and right margin to 1″;
  • start salutation and signature on the center of the page, using Tab button, and align them to the right side.

Here is the layout of modified block letter