With formal complaint letter about poor hotel facilities you are notifying the hotel about issues you have encountered during your stay there. The complaint letter about poor hotel facilities details issues experienced and gives the request to the hotel to make improvements prior to your next visit, or sends a call for action. One of the options may be request for full or partial reimbursement.

In the complaint letter about poor hotel facilities you should list all facilities for which you consider quality level was lower than advertised on their website or on the website of booking agency.

Below you can find example of the letter which a guest sent to hotel complaining about room quality.

Name and Surname of the Sender
Company Name
Address of the Sender

Hotel Prestige
Holiday In Group
Main Road 20, AZ

Subject: COMPLAINT LETTER regarding my recent stay in Prestige Hotel

Dear Sir, Madam,

I am writing regarding my stay in Hotel Prestige, which was not satisfactory, due to incorrect information of accommodation description provided on the Hotel Website. Between 2 February and 7 February I stayed in your hotel in room 778 on the 7th floor.

I have booked the superior room on hotel website one month before my stay, as you may see in the enclosed VOUCHER #23849VP to this letter. On the website it was stated that superior room has the size of 40 sq. meters and balcony.
However when I have arrived I was accommodated in much smaller room, not larger than 25 sq. meters without balcony.

I have informed Mr Robertsson, receptionist, about this, however he hasn’t provided me a new room, since the hotel was fully booked and he was not in the position to find an alternative room like the one I booked on your website.

Moreover, at the end of my stay I was charged the full amount for the cost of stay in superior room, although I spent 5 nights in standard room which is much cheaper according to your price-list, available on your website. In the attachment I am sending you a copy of my credit card statement and price list.

Having in mind that that this is a high class hotel, with good star rating, belonging to the famous chain of hotel, I perceive this type of the treatment as unacceptable, especially having in mind that I am regular guest in your hotels across the country.

As provisions of the Consumer Rights Act claim my right to benefit from reasonable care and decent service, I believe that this behaving brings your hotel in the breach of national legislation. In that line I am legally entitled to be refunded (fully or partially) form you. Therefore I urge you to consider my claim and provide me with the written response within 7 days from the receipt of this letter.

Yours sincerely

[Name Surname]

Enclosure: As stated in the text.