Formal birthday invitation wording

When preparing a birthday party, among other things that you have to organize for this event, you also have to sit down and prepare formal birthday invitation letters. Some people find it hard to choose a proper birthday invitation wording, because they consider it a little intimidating, and therefore it may very hard to start a birthday invitation letter.

Because the task is not so simple as it seems, in this article we are giving you the most important guidelines for birthday invitation wording.

  1. Sit down and write important facts about birthday party

The essential thing about your birthday invitation wording is that it delivers clear message, and conveys all the necessary information to the person you have addressed. After you have selected recipients you need to communicate several important information to the recipient. Therefore before starting to write the letter, sit down and get together following information about the birthday event:

  • What is the Theme of the birthday (such as dress code)
  • What is the occasion (whose birthday is celebrated)
  • When is the party (date and time)
  • Where is the venue (exact address and name of the venue), including information on how to get there
  • Make the hint to the invitee who are the guests (such as school peers, business partners, family and friends, etc.)
  • Is there any special rule for the gifts? If there is, explain it in detail to the invitees.

2. Draft the letter using following wording

Although every celebration is different, formal birthday invitation wording is pretty similar for most of the letters. We have identified several most common phrases used in formal birthday invitation letters:

  • “It will be a great pleasure if you attend the birthday party of  …”
  • “Please join us as we celebrate my son’s birthday”
  • “Please use the enclosed card to RSVP by”
  • “The party will start at 7:00 pm, and will end at 11:00 pm.”
  • “We are going to invite our friends and relatives.”
  • “We would like to make the day very special for him.”
  • “Black tie dress code”
  • “Dress code is casual”
  • “In lieu of gifts, please make a donation to the UNICEF”
  • “Do not forget to come and enjoy with her on this day.”
  • “Celebrate with us over cocktails,  on Sunday 2 march, 2018, 8 PM”
  • “We would appreciate your presence in the party. We are excited to see you in the venue”
  • “I hope for your presence on birthday, to make her feel happy.”

3. Review the draft and send the letter

It is highly advised to keep the birthday invitation short, not longer than 3 paragraphs. When you have finished with the first draft, review the text for errors and misprints.

Sign the letter at the bottom left, and send it out because preparing birthday party requires a lot of planning so your time is limited.