Formal letter format for school principal

A formal letter format for school principal is usually letter sent by a student, by the group of students in the school or by the parents. Most of the schools have the policy to encourage students to address their problems to school principal in person rather than sending a formal complaint letter. Therefore a formal letter for school principal is the document which will be carefully considered by the school board.

The formal letter format for school principal follows the design of the formal complaint letter or formal request letter. You should pay attention to edit the letter in the way that all typos are corrected. Another important thing is that you should keep cheerful, approachable tone in the letter, even when you are filing a complaint.

In the text below we have prepared a Formal letter format for school principal from student. Feel free to adjust the letter and communicate your complaint in the proper way. At the bottom of this page you can download Formal letter format for school principal file which you can edit in word processor.

Formal letter format for school principal

[Name of the school]


Subject: [Name the request, complaint]

Dear Mr. / Ms. [Last name],

I am writing you [here state the purpose of the letter, for example to schedule an appointment to discuss something, to submit request, etc.].

[Here you start writing your letter. For example, you can begin by expressing your interest in the school. Tell them something you like about the school or make a compliment. Expand on that information a little. You can start slowly in this paragraph with your main remarks or with your request. That’s your first paragraph.]

[This paragraph should explain that you have some questions / complaints / requests. Then, you ask the questions, focus on any details that are of particular concern to you. ]

[In the last paragraph, you should thank the person to whom you are writing for their time and tell them that you appreciate their response to your questions.]

Thanking You.


[Name, Surname]


Download Formal letter format for school principal