Wedding invitation letter sample

Wedding invitation letter is required by some embassies, as a part of application packing for visa granting. We here principally refer to the US and some European embassies, who will require you to show wedding invitation letter in order to submit the application letter for visa. This letter is required for a B2 visa for USA, which entail trips for pleasure, tourism and visits.

Even though some embassies are not imposing a formal requirement regarding wedding invitation letter, if the main purpose of your visit is to attend a wedding ceremony of your loved ones you should submit the copy of the letter to the Embassy, because it might help your application.

Please note that the Embassy does not stipulates specific and exact form the wedding invitation letter. It is important that in the letter it is stated that you are invited and that host will provide you accommodation. Furthermore in the letter sender must indicate where the ceremony is going to take place (like city and venue if possible) and in which period.

Below we have provided you a genuine sample of wedding invitation letter sent by the US resident to his family members in Pakistan, for the benefit of visa application.

Wedding invitation letter sample




Jones Clarckson

Adhumal Oodharam Quarter,

Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan


7th July, 2018


Subject: Wedding invitation letter



Dear Ms. Jones,

I, Stanley Clark, your cousin am writing you today to invite you to visit me in the Los Angles, California, to join me and my family for the wedding ceremony of my son and you cousin. It will be our pleasure to be your host during your stay in the city.

My son is getting married on 1st September 2018 but the other functions will start about a week in advance. So, I am inviting you from 25th August till 4th September 2018, so that you can plan accordingly and apply for US visa and request leave from work.  For your confirmation, my address is:

4714-4600 Saturn St

Los Angeles, CA 90019, United States of America.


If possible, do ask your parents to come along too as it will be great if I could meet them for this occasion, after all these years.

Madeleine, your cousin has requested to bring along her favorite cake made by my “Anjarwala Bakery” in Karachi, so please bring it along when you come.