Formal request letter to a boss for Work from Home

A formal request letter to a boss, is a typical business letter sent by an employee or a group of employees to the supervisor. The letter is required to maintain the record of business operations and communication. Often, standard operating procedures of big companies stipulate that an employee has to ask clearance from the supervisor to perform various business operations. For such purposes companies usually design templates and they are available to all employees.

If you would like to send a request to your boss, which is not directly related to your job description, rather to the personal matters, semi – formal letter letter should be sent instead.  In the sample below we have provided you an example of request letter one employee has sent to his boss to require approval for teleworking.

When writing this type of the lettevr make sure to detail as much as possible rationale for this request, and indicate your availability, to assure your boss, that your absence from office wont impact your overall performance.



Formal request letter to boss




Dear Mr. / Ms. [BOSS]

I have to take care of some personal matters on the 15th, 16th & and 17th of this month so I have to go to my home town.  I will be available to provide support from there.


I would be grateful if you would authorize my working remotely on those dates.  I highly appreciate your understanding during this difficult time for me and my family.



Sincerely Yours,