Formal resignation letter for teacher

Sometimes it is very hard to resign from a post, especially when it comes to a job position of a teacher you have been holding for a several years. Emotions could be overwhelming, students could be disappointed, colleagues sad, but at the end it is important to keep in mind that resigning in a proper manner could not be detrimental for all the participants in the process and that it is the employee’s task to do it properly in a good business practice. Before you write your resignation letter for teacher post have in mind that you have to be accepted for another post according to your interest at the moment.

The new position should be certain and there are not any misunderstandings. In addition, you should leave appropriate time for you to shift from one business environment to another, with respect of the notice period in your contract. Good business relations should not be broken, so it is also important to speak with your superintendent about the reasons you are leaving and tell him how you feel about it and that you will be there for him and your replacement during the accommodation period. Ensure that you have a proper resignation letter written in a way that it contains all the necessary elements. Keep in mind that the letter should be addressed to several addresses, not just to the superintendent, such as school board, student council or the director of the school.

Formal resignation letter for teacher to principal – Sample 1


Ms. Violet Harrison,


Dear Ms. Harrison,

With this letter, I would like to resign from the post of a Geography teacher at Senior High school, effective from 31 of January 2019. Due to better opportunity (as a College lecturer) that have arisen for me at the University of T, I have decided to resign my current position. I have welcomed the offer from the University of T as it gives me unique chance to refine my teaching skills and enhance my career prospects in the future. In addition, I would be given a PhD scholarship which will enable me to prosper academically.

So, I would formally like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me to teach at your prestigious school and, with this letter, to resign at the post. I have really spent a wonderful time at this school and I would bring only good memories of you and the rest of the teachers, after this resignation letter for teacher. In addition I would like to inform you that I have resigned from a position in the school council and all the activities and sections I have been included.

I would be very grateful if you fasten the procedure of finalizing my documents after receiving this resignation letter for teacher, at your earliest convenience and according to the talks we have had in person. I wish you all the best in your future career and the school.

Thank you very much in advanced,


Resignation letter

Formal resignation letter for teacher to parents – formal letter sample 2


Mr. Jackson Trevor,

President of Parents Council

West East High School

Manchester, UK

Respected Mr. Trevor,

Acting heart, I want to inform you about my resignation from the teacher post at West East High School. I have sent my resignation letter for teacher to the Principal which has informed me that effective date of my resignation is 27th July, 2019. I have prolonged the resignation as far as I could, since I did not want to affect the students’ grades, but I have come to a dead end, since my husband and I are moving to Baltimore, USA. I have spent wonderful years teaching at West East High School and I will always remember my students, classes and other activities and excursions we have had together.

Thank you very much for your personal efforts on organization of fundraising for renovating the façade, buying of new equipment for the sporting facilities, and especially for the laboratory tubes without which the Chemistry classes would be impossible. I am really sorry for sending this resignation letter for teacher but I had no other option, considering the circumstances.

I am looking forward to see how the students will apply the knowledge that I have passed to them and what a nice scientists, doctors, lawyers or sports they will become. But most importantly, how will they flourish into nice people for the generations to come.

Sincerely yours,

Amanda S.