Formal apology letter for client – example

Apology letter for client should follow a pattern of every usual business correspondence. Whether is related to mistake you have done, wrongful shipment or irregularities with business operations it should contains the following elements:

  • The client is angry, so you should apologize. Good relationship should be maintained, especially when you are dealing with regular client on several projects. So you should introduce the topic (the issue) in the first paragraph of the apology letter for client.
  • The next paragraph should emphasize the responsibilities of the client, and your company. It is essential to describe all the details so the client would know what your responsibility was and whether something was his fault or the company you are employed at.
  • Customer relations management is one the most important practices in the modern companies. It includes being honest and apologize sincerely, from your heart in your apology letter for client. This is the hardest paragraph of the apology letter for client since you should maintain the good business relations and be careful not to offend the client by any chance. In this part of the apology letter for client, kind phrases such as “I am sorry for the mistake” or “I am sorry it took so long for my response “should be contained.
  • In the apology letter for client, solution for the problem should be offered. According to the problem and the situation you have ended up, possible answers for the problem should be included, taking care of the client’s needs and preferences. Anyway, sometimes the client may be too demanding, or ask for something that is not possible for you to deliver. If you are not able to satisfy the client’s request, be sure that you provide an explanation for that or list any possible solutions. Be sure to offer at least two possible solutions for the problem in your apology letter for client, so the client is insured in your attentions.
  • Before you finish your letter with regarding the client, the last paragraph of your apology letter for client should contain inurement that you and your company will not repeat the same mistake again, or that you will do all in your power to stop the practice from repeating itself. In addition, be prepared if the client do not accept your solution for the problem, so please write phrases such “I wish you all the best”, “I am sorry for your choice “or “I understand”.

In the next lines of this post examples of most common apology letter for client will be published.

Bad treatment of client Apology letter for client sample

Dear Madam/Sir ________,

I am sorry for disturbing you, I am writing this apology letter for client to apologize for behavior of Thomas, our customer service manager yesterday.

I think that Thomas’s reaction was insufficient and rude when you have asked to change your order as it was not delivered on time. Again, when you have asked to speak with the manager he did not proceed you complain, which is inadmissible for our company standards. I sympathize deeply with you, I know what you are going through after a hard day of work, being our regular customer.

We as a company who is pride of our services, meals and employees are deeply disturbed by this kind of actions of our employee. Our customers and maintaining their loyalty is the main goal of our company policy. So, again I am deeply sorry for the behavior of Thomas.

As a company, we hired a private HR company for recruiting our employees, so we could be as objective as possible. Our hired employees have been through tough training to satisfy the need of the customers and act according to the company’s policy. But I guess mistakes happened, and we will respond to Thomas behavior accordingly. We have also taken steps towards education of our employees in customer relationship management and communications with clients, after the incident.

Thank you very much for putting the issue on the table. It means a lot for us, especially as we value your loyalty and time. We insure you that this will continue to be priority of our policy in the next period.

I hope that you will continue to be our regular customer in the future, as we welcome you with free refreshments every Friday.



General Manager

Product recall Apology letter for client sample

Dear Madam/Sir_____________,

The primary goal of our company ________________ is to provide fresh, high-quality agricultural products to our clients. Our products are object of several quality controls and inspections aimed to provide the best products for our customers worldwide. I deeply apologize in this apology letter for client for our newest series of peer juice has not satisfied out highest sanitary protocols, so we withdraw from the shelves.   

Due to drought in North America, our farms in Minnesota has suffered large influx of insects which has influenced the sugar content in our pears. That phenomenon, which happens every 20 years, has detrimental effect on yields and the quality of fruits. The peer plantations were among the most affected since it has reduced the amount of sugar by 30% which has induced lower level of Vitamin D, Maltose and Vitamin C in the peer juice that we are offering to our clients. Due to everything mentioned above in this apology letter for client we want to apologize for the retrieving the bottles from supermarket shelves.

The reason behind this apology letter for client and the relatively late discovery lies in the technology. Namely, sugar content in the products is specific, and need some time to be discovered, as it is completely solvable in the water content of the juice. As the time passed the speed of solvability of the sugar was not fast enough so we needed to react by retrieving our products, in fact the whole series. We are glad that we have done additional inspections to discover the flow and we have decided to halt the sale of the products. We want to ensure you that the products are completely safe for use, but the sugar content do not corresponds to the content stated on the bottle’s labels.

If you have purchased any of the peer juice produced in 2019, you can return it to the nearest supermarket or store, free of charge for a full return.

We want to ensure that the juice is safe for use, and the medical attention is not needed in addition to the precaution measures stated on the product’s label.

We are very sorry for this misunderstanding, we will take all the precautionary measures to avoid this kind of situations happening again. Thanks to this product recall we have improved our team in biotechnological experts specialized in sugar content, so we ensure you that we will most probably not have to deal with product recall again.


John Ricky

Acting Director