Formal apology letter to friend

No person on the planet should be without friends. Friends makes our lives easier, happier and provide us with support and courage to overcome some difficult situations. In this hectic world friendships are the most stable relationships many of us will have while friends are the people we will spend the most of our free time. But, from time to time friendship can be challenging since no one is perfect and we can do something to hurt our friends or act in a manner which will offend our dearest. In that occasions the best possible way out is to write an Apology letter to friend. The letter will be prove of your devotion, and it will do well for you two to pass the awkwardness between. In the following lines Apology letter to friend example is presented.

Apology letter to friend – offending a friend in front of others

Dear Marion,

I am writing this Apology letter to friend to say sorry and ask for a forgiveness from you. I should not have said all the jokes on your account in front of those unimportant people. I feel devastated, and I must probably do not deserve your pity.

You know I act strange when I meet new people, I should have overcome this, but I guess yesterday it was not my day. It was very unappropriated and shameful of me to talk like that about you. I should not have said all the jokes about your look and you have all the right to be angry at me. I should have been more observant and I understand how you feel right now. Those people are so unimportant in my life, and most probably I will not see them again. I am sorry that you left when I reacted and explained the situation to them.

Marion, there are no words in this Apology letter to friend to express my apology to you and no excuses to approve my behavior. I hope that you will have a place in your heart for me and that you will forgive me and continue where we have left.