Formal appeal letter to scholarship board sample

In this article, we bring you a sample of formal appeal letter to scholarship board. In this particular case, the scholarship board has cancelled scholarship to the beneficiary, as he has failed to meet conditions for keeping the bursary, and therefore with this formal appeal letter student has intention to appeal to their decision.

When writing formal appeal letter to scholarship keep in mind to incorporate following details:

1, Communication in relation to the approval and cancellation of scholarship

2. Full description of circumstances that led to failure to meet the provider’s requirements

3. Details regarding academic achievements

4. Details regarding economic situation of the beneficiary, i.e. communicate clearly to the board that there is no other source of funding apart from the bursary.

This is a genuine sample of Formal appeal letter. However, with slight moderation you can adapt this letter to suit your needs.

Good luck!

Appeal letter to scholarship board

Dear Committee,

I write this letter to appeal the decision you brought on ceasing my scholarship due to my inability to meet the required minimum criteria for retainment. I am aware that the criteria to retain a scholarship is a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and above within last two semesters. I acknowledge that my cumulative GPA for the last two semesters – dropped to 2.64 which is below the minimum condition. While I take full responsibility for this, I would greatly appreciate it if the committee reconsider the decision due to the circumstances that contributed to the drop in my GPA.

Until last semester, I have managed to keep up with the stipulated GPA. However, in October last year, I got a job with Student Services on campus which affected my academic performance. I was thinking I would be able to balance between my work and studies because I had a flexible schedule, but I was wrong. The root of my problem was in bad planning. Prior to that job, I had never dealt with the obligation of handling two responsibilities at the same time – work and academic, and I have failed in managing my tasks.  

Thanks to this experience, I have realized I need to plan better my time.  I have learned from my mistakes and now I am fully determined to make the most of the opportunity, If I am granted again with the scholarship. I will be able to do that because I intend to work during summer, since I got a job offer from Price Water Coopers.  Therefore, my academic performance will not be affected with my work responsibilities, because by the time when I start with job I will manage to complete all my academic responsibilities.

Regardless of your final decision, I am extremely grateful for the support and generosity in offering me this scholarship in the first place and I apologize in advance I have not met your expectations. I only ask that the committee consider my plea and allow me one semester to bring my GPA back up and above the required minimum.

Thank you for taking time out to consider my appeal.

Kind regards,

J. Smith