Formal introduction letter template

Formal introduction letter is sent to the bank for opening of the bank account, The purpose of letter of introduction to bank account opening is to support application for opening of the bank account in the new bank.

In this article we have provided template of formal introduction letter issued for the benefit of the Client, who has bank account and savings in the bank.

As this is a formal letter it has to be printed on the banks memo, and signed on the bottom of the letter by the authorized officer.

On the bottom of the article you can download this template in MS word.

Letter of Introduction

Date:  [DD/MM/YYYY]

[Name of the Branch Manager]

Branch Manager

[Bank Name]



Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Letter of Introduction To Open Bank Account

We wish to introduce [Company Name], I/C No [Enter number] to open a current account with [Bank Name].

We hereby confirm that [Company Name] has the active account since: [DD/MM/YYYY]. Based on our bank records, the conduct of the account is satisfactory.

The details of our current account with [Bank Name] are as follows:

Name of Account:  [Enter No]                               A/C No: [Enter No]                 

IC/Business Registration No: [Enter No]             Contact No. [Enter No]                      

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,


[Name and Surname]

[Position], [Bank Name]