Immigration letter of recommendation sample

An Immigration letter of recommendation or sometimes called a good moral character letter is letter that supports a potential immigrant in their objective of becoming a citizen in a new country. Practice is that letter writes a colleague or close friend who spent some time with the prospective applicant and therefore this person has the capacity to attest their positive character and behaviors.

When writing immigration letter of recommendation, pay close attention to the details.  Remember that first impressions always count. Creating a good letter can be a frightening task but the sample of good moral character letter for immigration we will provide you in this article can make the job easier. After all, these have proven their effectiveness.

Through adjustment of this letter of recommendation by adding a decent introduction to the letter and clearly explaining the good traits of your friend, you can help your friend in obtaining new citizenship.

Immigration letter of recommendation sample

John Mayers

5th Avenue 55, DUBAI, UAE



Jacob Javits Federal Building, 26 Federal Plaza, 7th Floor,

Room 700, New York, NY 10278

RE: Letter of recommendation for Mr Zajid

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing on the behalf of Mensuer Zajid whom I have known for the past ten  years, in order to attest to his need for US citizenship.

I have been a colleague to Meseur since he has joined the organization of which I am president, and worked as an administrative assistant in  my office. I have worked with many people over the years, but few have had the kindness, patience and determination that Mr Zajid does. Once, he has even helped me to save my life during the fire in our corporate building. Very few people would respond to that kind of stressful situation with such courage.  

While I wish that Mr Zajid could stay with us here in United Arab Emirates forever, however Menseur has important and urgent business in America that I hope you will strongly consider while making your decision. He has chosen to move to US because he has received a prestigious scholarship and later on after graduation, he started running successful business.  

I know that Menseur will bring the qualities of talent, dedication and hard work to your country, and contribute to the wealth of your great nation’s multicultural melting pot.


John Mayers