How to write a letter to a company requesting something ?

Like in the case of writing business or private letters, there are some steps that need to be followed in order to write a proper letter to a company requesting something. As in the case of all formal letters, writing letter to a company requesting something suppose simplicity, as the letter should be as much as precise and concise as possible. Therefore, the letter introduction should explain the reason for reaching out. It should have two or three sentences describing the main topic of the letter and small introduction of the person who is writing the letter to a company requesting something. If you have had previous encounter with the person who is receiving the letter to a company requesting something, then you should remind the recipient about who you are and how are you connected with the company. If it is university or some kind of educational institution, then you should describe the school, programme and academic year, but when it comes to a business entity, you should indicate the position you were employed at, including the duration of your contract and your superior. The next paragraph should contain the request, what king of information, service of certification is needed from the recipient. If needed, explain further all the necessary information you are asking from the recipient, including the type of assistance, who is responsible for your request or what kind of procedures should be respected in order for the request should be satisfied. All the documents needed for the request should be attached or at disposal to the recipient of the letter to a company requesting something. Be prepared for any additional requests from the provider of the information you need, such as your postal address, telephone or complementary documents to be used as a prove for your request. Your contact mail and/or mobile number should be contained in the letter to a company requesting something, usually at the closing of the letter. The letter to a company requesting something ending should contain a thank you note and your availability if a need for additional information or documents is needed.

How to write a letter to a company requesting something – request for information for business cooperation

Recipient’s name and title


Address, e-mail and telephone

City, State


Dear Mr/Ms (name of the recipient),

I am sorry for the distribution, I am writing this letter to a company requesting something as a request for (name of the company) to request an information on the new line of cosmetics products of your company. Namely, my company is the main distributor of the previous assortment of cosmetics of (name of the company), and now we are interested to become an exclusive distributor of the new line for our region. In line with our previous fruitful cooperation, we would be grateful if you could provide us with the conditions on our future cooperation regarding the distribution of the new line of cosmetics products.

Following our previous meeting with at the distribution center in (name of the region/country), we were informed about the general rules and condition. So, after our management meeting we are pleased to inform you that we are more than interested to continue to be the main distributors, and we would like to request exclusive rights on distribution in our region. Could you please advice us on the proceeding regarding our offer and also, could you please arrange a meeting between our managers and yours?

Please let me know if I can do something else regarding our request, as I am ready to share with you all the necessary documents and financial statements regarding our request.

I am available for your further assistance.


(name and surname)


(address, website)

(city, region, state)

How to write a letter to a company requesting something – consumers feedback 

All of the companies should be interested in their consumer’s feedback. The consumer’s feedback is a good start when the companies are interested on the consumers satisfaction, needs or the company is interested in good consumer relations management. No matter how bit the company is, a consumers feedback is curtesy that should apply in its consumer relations in order to apply data management for attracting new and retaining old consumers. Here is an example of consumers feedback letter:

Dear customer,

Thank you very much for choosing our (products, service, stay). We were happy to welcome you on board, however we are most interested to be connected with you in more personal way, so we would like to ask you if you could provide us with a feedback related to the (product, service, stay)?

You opinion is most valued for us, while you feedback is crucial for enhancement of our services.

Thanks for staying in touch,

(company’s name, logo and website)