Formal maternity leave request letter sample

A formal maternity leave request letter is very important documnet because details of your leave cannot get lost. Therefore this request should be submitted in a form of letter, dated and signed.

In the head part your letter should contain relevant personal contact information. During your leave you won’t be checking your business phone or email, so provide necessary contact details where company can reach you in a case of urgent issues.

Other important points you might condsider including in maternity leave request letter are expectations of personal boundaries as you grow into parenthood and suggestions of co-workers versed enough in projects you’re currently working on to fill in during your absence. If you are not sure how to compose your letter use our sample below.

To sum up, most important things to be included in maternity leave request letter are: number of weeks you would like to spend on the leave, due date and start date of the leave. It is advised to ask a longer period than you actually plan to use for maternity leave, so you would not extend the leave.

Formal maternity leave request letter

Name ad Surname of the sender

Street Name and Number

Postcode and City



Name ad Surname of the recipient

Company Name

HR Officer

Street Name and Number

Postcode and City


RE: Maternity leave request

Dear Mr/ Ms [LAST NAME]

I warmly thank you for accepting to think about the issues I raised during our meeting yesterday. My team will invest time to elaborate your ideas and develop new project in line with your guidelines.

My purpose of writing to you, however is to ask you for a favor. I am expecting my delivery during first week of October. I am not keeping that well also and understand that I need more rest. My doctor also has advised me to slow down a little with regards to work. Therefore, I request you to grant me two months of maternity leave from 20 October 2020 to 1st of January 2021. I will report to duty on the 2nd of January 2021.

Thank you for your consideration in the matter.

[Name Surname]


Project Manager

Download Formal Maternity leave request sample in MS Word