Formal Request letter for advance salary sample

In a case you are experiencing financial problems, before going to bank to ask for the loan, maybe you can think of sending letter for advance salary. The letter serves a tool to request an advance against salary, and you should submit it to your supervisor, or HR department in the company.

What to include in the Letter for salary advance?

The letter should contain your details, like name, where you work and for how long, and a paragraph in which you would briefly explain your situation. Do not go into too much details when describing your circumstances, unless you are asked to do so. You can also propose the repayment schedule in the next paragraph, in a case the total amount of the advance exceeds the amount of your salary.

Most of the big companies already have procedures in place regarding salary advances. If there is no procedure stipulated, you may think of sending the letter for advance salary, similar to the sample we have prepared below.

Anyway, before proceeding with the letter research company policy by investigating staff manual or employee handbook.  This is because some of the companies do not allow salary advances. If advances are allowed, check if the company already has envisaged the Request for a salary advance letter format. If not, good starting point would be to get the inspiration from a sample provided in this article.   

Sample letter for advance salary

John Smith

Admin Assistant, Procurement Unit

Coca Cola HBC


Sonia Green

Office of the Human Resources

Coca Cola HBC

Athens, Greece

RE: Salary Advance

Dear Ms. Green,

My name is John Smith and I have been working for Coca-Cola HBC since 2016 as Administrative Assistant in Procurement Unit. Unfortunately, at the moment I am facing certain financial difficulties, because I have to settle a short-term loan with my Bank. This is because I had to take the loan under unfavourable conditions to pay the costs of my son’s medical treatment last month.

I would be very grateful if you could disburse me advance prepayment in the amount of EUR 1000, with the understanding that full amount would be deducted from my salary for the next month.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration of my request. I am available to follow any further guidelines Office of Human Resources would propose.

Sincerely yours,

John Smith