Formal Request letter for transfer to another branch Template

The request letter for transfer to another branch is submitted when an employee wants to transfer from one branch to the another within same company. The branches can be in the same city/region, or in another parts of the country, or even in another country.  The transfer letter is most commonly sent to the Office of Human Resources within the company.

We can distinguish 3 major types of transfer requests:

  1. Request to transfer to an open position in another branch of the company, in response to the advertisement for vacant position;
  2. Request to transfer the post you are currently holding to another location; or
  3. Request to transfer to another position in sister company.

What to include in the Request for transfer to another branch?

In some cases, companies already have stipulated forms, used for submission of transfer requests. If this is not the case, then we suggest you to use the template below.

The most important information to be included in the request are:

  1. Position title you currently hold
  2. Duration of employment
  3. Location/name of the branch where you currently work
  4. Location/name of the branch where you would like to go
  5. Brief description of the reasons behind your request.

Last one is probably the hardest to respond. You can use family reasons as rationale; however, we recommend you to focus rather on career opportunities, prospects for promotion, or similar.


[Name Surname]

[Month DD, YYYY]

[Name Surname]
HR Officer
[Company Name]


RE: Transfer Request Letter

Dear Mr. / Ms. [Last Name],

I saw on Intranet pages that there is a job opening for the position of [Name of the position] in the [Name/place of branch office where you would like to be transferred] Branch. I would like to submit my job application for the position.

I have been working at [Company Name] for several years. Through these years, I have been a part of different departments and have a good understanding of our internal operations and procedures. Therefore, I am sure I would be able to handle well all the tasks required by this position.

I want to take my career further with this company and that’s why I am applying to transfer to [Name of the position] position. My experience and expertise in field will be an asset for the current open position.

I have enclosed my resume with this letter, for your review and consideration. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at [Phone number] or at [email address].

I am looking forward to your positive response.

Best regards,

[Name Surname]