Formal introduction letter for a new team member

Formal introduction letter for a new team member communicates the appointment of the new team member to the customer. This letter is sent by a company to the existing client to inform him that from this particular moment onwards new employee will be his/her point of contact in the company.

Formal introduction letter for a new team member sample

Dear Sir, Madam,

I am pleased to inform you of a new addition to our customer support team here at Global Company Inc.

Ms Jane Ostin has been appointed premier customer advocate. What does that mean for you? You will still have access to me as your sales representative, and we shall continue to provide all of our other services to you as it was the case in the past However, if you have an issue with any order or any products you have already purchased, Jane is your designated focal point in the company.

Due to high volume of customers, we were not able to deliver previously set level of quality of services to our customers, and therefore we had to expand our team in order to maintain the quality.

Ms Ostin’s primary task is to keep our best customers satisfied—and coming back for more. You can expect to hear directly from her soon, although you can go ahead and add her name to your address book right now.

I have attached her business card which includes her telephone number here, her cell phone, and e-mail address.

I’m sure you will be pleased with this enhancement to our services. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do for you at this time.


Jack Smith